Friday, February 27, 2015

God heard our prayers!!!

PRAISE the LORD!!! My sister's CT scan results came in and though it seemed grim with stage 4, very aggressive cancer...the LORD HEARD OUR PRAYERS and today she is cancer FREE!!!
an email from my sis...

Dear Friends and Family,

Hallelujah!!! No clinical evidence of cancer (NCEC) according to my oncologist. Based on the recent testing, the Lord, in His mercy, has granted me a “cure”. Although it will take months and up to two years for my body to get back to normal, I will only have to get blood work every three months once I am out of the woods with my blood/cell issues. I would appreciate your continued prayers for the resolution of all the side effects. As my MD said to me today, “you have just run a chemo marathon and it will take time to recuperate”.

I will always be grateful to you all for the faithful prayers and support you have shown to Jeff and me. It has been so comforting to be surrounded by your outstanding Christian love and care. I will never forget it and will try to pass it on in the future. It will also be hard to take a healthy day for granted ever again. May God be given all the glory as He has guided me through this part of my life journey in such a magnificent way.

God bless you all. Love, Sandra

We are humbled by His Gracious gift of life to my sister! 

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