Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Happy Wednesday, everyone!
Well, really hoping the new background color on this blog is easier on the eyes when reading text.  Jake and I are still working out the quirks and we love, love, love feedback so, by all means, have at it!!!

Today I thought I would share another idea for a wedding gift that I made for another cousin's son last year.  Much bigger but along the same lines and, also, with their particular color scheme...

Now for some close-ups...

If you have a wedding coming up, you can always write to me and together we can customize a kit for you to make in your bride's particular color scheme and size in which you would like your handmade gift to them.

If you are pressed for time and I happen to have the time, perhaps I can even stitch one up for you myself!!!  No promises, of course, but you never know when you'll catch me at a down time or I just need a break from the biz hussle bussle! lol

I love to sew as much as I love to design!


  1. Love this design! I have two weddings coming up and this would be a perfect gift! :-)

    1. So glad you liked it, Maureen! Thank you. Let me know if I could help with those wedding gifts...