Friday, August 22, 2014

My dear friend, Cheryl, started this foundation while fighting breast cancer herself. Please keep her and her wonderful foundation in prayer and consider contributing what ever you can to help a very worthy cause! Thank you!

Cheryl's lovely family!
She is second from the left!
Please help. Please give.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Annelle's Originals's photo.

Meet our new (older! lol) member of the Annelle's Originals family...our 38' travel RV called, the "WOW" Mobile (Woolies On Wheels)!!!...

 You heard of the BAT Mobile, well, this is the WOW Mobile!!!  
Woolies On Wheels!   

 Rolling Penny Rug Classes may be coming your way soon!!!!

 The first of it's kind, ever!!!!

Stay tuned to hear more about it and get ready to sign up and have a BLAST with me!!!

Hi all!! Again, it's been way too long since I posted but soooo much going on. Just trying to keep up with kits from last 2 shows to get ready for the next! Ahhhhhh!!!! But thanks be to GOD for giving us strength and perseverance to keep it all going! What a whirlwind life can be, right?!

We have good news and, unfortunately, bad news. In the last 2/3 weeks we found out some devastating news that my sister has stage 4 cancer and will be starting double doses of chemo Wednesday. She lives in AZ so we will have to figure out how to get to see her there before she starts getting too sick to see anyone. Please, please keep her in prayer, if you don't mind. She will need the kind of strength only God can provide to endure what is coming. My mom, who is 87, will be needing prayer, as well, for strength to watch her daughter go through all this. Thankfully we serve a God who understands every twist and turn and will be with us through each moment by moment and we will continue to trust in HIM for whatever our future holds.

Our good news is that the WOW Mobile is at the RV doctor now getting a new transmission so she will be ready to do some heavy duty traveling quilt shows and future classes! We could have just replaced all of the seals and such but opted to just not take any chances with her and just replace the entire tranny so she should be good as new very soon!!!

The plan is to send out emails when we will be coming to your area to do a quilt show and you will be able to sign up for personal wooly classes right in the RV with me!!! Thus the name "Woolies On Wheels"...the "WOW" Mobile!!!

Just get 4 to 6 of your friends together with a date while we are in your area, bring a lunch and your favorite drink, order a kit you'd like to work on ahead of time from our website, register and pay ahead of time on our website for the class (we will have all those details worked out very soon!), and we will be good to go for having a WOOLY BLAST in the WOW MOBILE!!!!!!! We are sooooooooo excited! Teaching and spending time with fun ladies who love to laugh and learn....well....I can't think of nearly anything I'd rather be doing!!!!! The entire side of the RV extends out to make it HUGE!!!! You are really in for a treat!!!

Until then, I hope to see you in New Hampshire at this show...

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